Talk and Solidarity for Sven and Natasha in the Netherlands

DutchTour4Members of the Free Sven and Natasha Support Group were invited to talk at an event in the Netherlands this May. Our talk – Learning from SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) shares our experiences of the SHAC Campaign, critically reflecting on its history, tactics and the repression that finished it in 2014. We also talk about Sven and Natasha’s case and the solidarity they need.

Our talk took place at Pinksterlanddagen an anarchist festival that took place over the 14-16 May 2016. We sold our brand-new merchandise and tried to fundraise much-needed funds for the support campaign. We met a lot of inspiring people who are also interesting in animal liberation and battling state repression.

DutchTour2We were very excited to have some brand new merchandise to sell for the support group. Friends had made some rad support tote bags, postcards and stickers (which may be available to order online soon – watch this space) and best of all, we were selling homemade vegan sausages… We all had a good chuckle over these (Sven’s soli sausage anyone??). Thanks so much to everyone who helped produce and bought the support merch.

The extradition of Sven and Natasha to England for trial is getting closer every day. Now more than ever we need your support! Fundraising is a constant priority and we also welcome more groups to write solidarity statements and show their support.

Thank you to everyone in the Netherlands that helped organise and came to our event. Everyone’s support is appreciated so much.

We plan to do more touring in the autumn to build international awareness for Sven and Natasha’s case. If you’d like to organise an event please email

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