Interview with Sven and Natasha

svenandnatasha_defendantsSven and Natasha are passionate about social change and fighting injustice. They’ve volunteered with many campaigns and projects working to make a positive impact for the earth, people and animals. They love spending time in nature, eating lots of vegan food and laughing with friends. They’re kind, friendly, funny and totally awesome.

The support group met up with Sven and Natasha for a chat about themselves, the case and how we can support them.

Hey guys! Why don’t you introduce yourselves?
S: Hello! I’m 28 years old and live with my partner Natasha in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
N: Hi! My name is Natasha. I’m 28 years old and I’m originally from the south of England. I now live in Amsterdam with my partner Sven and sweet old rescue dog, Lola.

You’re super compassionate people, could you tell us about your beliefs and voluntary/campaign work?
S: I’ve been a vegan for 11 years and have been doing a lot of voluntary work over the last years. I’ve always been very motivated to help others in need. I really believe we should respect the earth, animals and humans and make it the best we can. I have previously been in prison for suspicion of releasing mink from a Dutch mink farm. We have been convicted, but are appealing the decision.
N: I’ve been vegan for more than 10 years and I currently work as a volunteer in dog rescue and rehabilitation. I’ve also been in the same case as Sven and served a month of solitary confinement in prison for the release of 5,000 mink. I have been involved with a variety of charities over the years, including working as a volunteer in African schools, conservation projects, and helping to set up libraries through a book donation scheme.

What are your other hobbies and interests?
S: Some of my hobbies are krav maga, crossfit, reading and enjoying nature. I like making music, I play a bit of violin and piano. I am currently learning to become a web/software developer.
N: I love being outdoors in nature, baking cakes, art & design, and eating big roast dinners! Recently I’ve just started learning about permaculture and organic gardening, and I really love it. I’ve previously been busy studying canine behaviour to run alongside my voluntary work with dogs.

How are you feeling about this case?
S: In the summer of 2012 me and my partner got raided and arrested in our apartment in Amsterdam for the blackmail case. So far our extradition has been suspended until our Dutch mink liberation appeal is dealt with. The arrests, raid and case has not been easy, but despite all of this I will keep my head up and stay positive.
N: Meh.

What can people do to help and support you?
S: I would like to hear from people that support us. We’ve been receiving lots of support cards recently and they cheered us up loads!
N: Send chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. And… spread the word (about our case, not about chocolate. Everyone already knows how great chocolate is!).

Any other comments?
S: No 🙂
N: No comment.

Bye for now, we’ll stay in touch!
S: We will 🙂
N: Ciao!